Friday, July 22, 2011

A first time for everything.

Last night I had gone out as per usual and caught 121 at Windsor Jct. At aprox 2100 121 called the signal at Windsor Jct and rolled past us nothing unusual about that.

Aproxamately two minutes later just as the DPU was going past me, the detector had gone off, and announced a hot wheel axel 308 south side. If you listen carefully you can hear it in the video that is now posted to Youtube. I assumed they would be stopped at Sandy cove for some reason or another. So I went there, and of course no 121. I waited around for a few minutes, but still nothing. I was getting tired and didn't hear anything on the scanner for a little while so I opted to head home. Once I had got into Dartmouth I was picking up a lot of chatter. 121 was good to go, RTC had given him the "go ahead" and a caution to drop the car off at a siding if the car had set off the detector again. I am not sure but I think a crew from Rockingham had been dispatched to 121 to help out, from what I could pick up and make out from the static it appeared all that car needed was the axels needed to be greased.

You can view the video here.

Other videos I had posted are from 11 July, 513 and shortly afterwards 121, great catch that evening, even some chatter between 121 and RTC. Well hope you enjoy/ed the videos. I'll keep you all posted on my other adventures as soon as they happen. Till then, Have fun and keep chasing those trains!

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